[JOBS!!!] Car Club Pte Ltd


A Singapore company is looking to engage a full-time web / mobile developer to develop and enhance its website and application in Singapore. The developer will be based in Bandung and offered an open-ended appointment contract.

As the company grows, we want to ensure we’re always providing the best possible technological experience whether to our customers or our internal stakeholders.
Technology is a critical component of how our customers engage with the service, and how our people deliver the service.
As such, we’re looking for bright, motivated people to help us develop and be part of the future to meet this challenge and to put technology to use in exciting new ways.  Do you think you wish to work for a smart, disruptive company that’s trying to redefine the way this generation thinks about urban transportation?
Team Fit Is Extremely Important To Us.
We are looking for people who take pride in their work, who will want to learn something new several times a day, who always strive to do a better job.

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